About Us

Leighton and Sarah dreamt up The Elephant as an offering to their fellow eco-conscious, values-led people, who, quite frankly are wearied by the nano-analysis required for every consumer choice they make.

We speak to you when we say "you need a break – you deserve it!"

The Elephant is an independent eco personal care brand. A true ‘run from the kitchen table’ family business, and the team includes our two small children and our Spaniel Coco! We serve the whole of the UK from our cosy hub by the sea, in Portishead, North Somerset.

Sarah has a background working for luxury beauty and cosmetic brands, but eventually became disillusioned by the vast amount of plastic and chemical  waste generated across the industry. These were profound, long term problems being created for the sake of nothing more than short-term profit.

Leighton served for many years in the military, before stepping away qualifying  as a Well-being Coach and trainer, and running his own private practice. As part of his own healing process, Leighton realised just how much of an impact the products we put onto and into our bodies can have on us - for better, or for worse!

Let’s face it, we are surrounded by green-wash packaging, confusing messages and plastic overwhelm - even when buying a simple lip balm. At The Elephant, we’re different. We believe World Care is Self-Care.

We offer you a simple and fret-free shopping experience for all your personal care needs.

Our product line is packed with eco-conscious items boasting gorgeous scents and rich, natural nourishment for the body.

We track down wonderful ethically-sourced products, and ship them safely to your door. Each of the products within our range has been carefully selected and researched, ensuring they are as environmentally friendly, body-friendly and effective as possible. Even our packaging is earth-friendly, as it’s all fully compostable!

Please feel free to browse, buy, or just reach out and talk to us! We exist to support positive change, and also to support the eco-conscious community.  

Peace & Love,

Sarah & Leighton x

(Saving the planet one lip balm at a time!)