How Aotearoad Began...

Aotearoad was founded mid-way through 2016, by Monica Budd and Vanessa Farrington, two mums who wanted to make a change to the ever-increasing presence of plastic, chemical-laden goods on supermarket shelves.

They quickly realised there was a gap in the market for paper compostable packaging in health and beauty aisles and online. No products existed that ticked all the boxes of being NZ Made, plastic-free, 100% natural, affordable, and most importantly effective. For this reason, Aotearoad was created. The name is derived from the Māori word for New Zealand (meaning 'bright world') - combined with 'road' - the route towards a purer way of living!

We pride ourselves on being NZ MADE, Natural, Organic, Ethical and Sustainable; in short, we're a name you can trust. The most important of our mission is to bring ecologically and ethically sound products into the average household. After all - we can't change the world if only the wealthy can afford to buy eco-friendly products! So we strive to offer affordable prices for natural and effective personal care products, that benefit your body as well as your world.


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